The APEX was founded with the goal and purpose of “Improving Lives Through Education, Technology and The Arts”. We believe our goals are best met by serving not only the adult population of our parish, but starting our children on the path to their future.

The APEX is a different type of community and youth center. We provide not only structured activities, mentoring and tutoring, but will do so within a context of preparing our children to be productive and community-minded adults. Our ultimate objective is to create cycles of creativity and accountability, therefore reducing cycles of poverty, crime, illiteracy and neglect.

We are committed to bringing the children of New Orleans:

Accountable Programs

that have personal and community value based on sound guidelines and curriculum.

Actionable Objectives

that enrich the lives of children and teens and prepare them for adulthood through education and mentoring.

Tangible Results

through production of products for the community at large, i.e. visual and fine art performances, art shows, websites and newspaper publication.

Sustainable Outcomes

by partnering with other community based organizations and creating programs that teach and practice sustainability.*

*AATS © 2008, Lisa Fitzpatrick, Vision To Purpose.