APEX is committed to working with existing community organizations and creating programs where needs exist.

In order to accomplish this we are going to have to approach these organizations with a cohesive, synergistic message to their goals and objectives. So, where do we find synergy and the intersection of the two circles? Apex research has found we do it through the commonality of working with the neighborhood associations and the community rebuilding organizations. In order to have a strong community and have people want to move back in to a community devastated by poverty, and in the case of the Gulf South, Katrina, you need to start with Hope.


Hope will never and can never stand alone. Upon that Hope you need to build action. Hope has to be sustained not only in one’s mind, but in ones very being.

We then go further, we work together with community leaders to create the vision of Hope through Accountable Programs. Programs that have personal and community value based on sound guidelines and curriculum. Programs that not only give to the children and teens involved in the program, but allow them to give back to the community themselves. Programs they can take ownership in. Programs that create responsible behaviors.

So, while we start with Hope through Accountable Programs to rebuild a community, we need an Actionable Objective. We need an objective to work from, as opposed to a task list to set our objective by. Here is where we formulate our cohesive message into true guidelines. FROM the objective, not from the task. “Improving Young Lives Through Education, Technology and The Arts”. By using the Accountable Programs and Actionable Objectives to allow the participants of APEX to produce a variety of products for the community.

Other foundations and non-profit charities can start with houses, but in order to truly build the community, they will need to create sustainability, not just in the construction of the structures, but in the families that live in them. This not only means commerce, and jobs, but it also means education, enrichment, and community members who give back! Now we have our intersection of circles! Now we have sustainability.