We are Makin' Groceries right here at APEX! For those not from New Orleans, the phrase "making groceries" means we are going grocery shopping :)


APEX has partnered with Top Box Foods, New Orleans to provide nutritious and affordable food for our families. You are able to order AND pick up your food right here at APEX Youth Center! These high quality food boxes can be ordered for approximately half of the retail price at local grocery stores. They include a wonderful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as frozen high quality meats and side dishes. All may order, as there are no income restrictions.

All payments are included, including major credit cards, cash, check and EBT/SNAP cards. Many happy customers say that it has nearly cut their monthly grocery bill by half!

For more information, call APEX at 504-358-2739 or stop by and pick up an order form. You can also visit the Top Box website and place your order directly there. Make sure you put APEX as the company as well as your pickup spot! Just another way that APEX seeks to be a full service community center!